• Meet the Family
  • 1-Watt Wide Angle
  • 1-Watt Spot
  • The 3 and 5 Watt Spot
  • Center-Cap Sizes:  3-3/4''      2-3/4'      1-3/4'' Caps
  • 1 & 3 Watt 2-1/4'' Cap Downlight
  • 1,3 & 5 Watt   1-3/4''   1-1/2''    1-1/4''    1-1/8''  Diameter
  • 1-3/4'' Cap Downlight
  • Candy Cane Lamp: 7/8'' and 1-1/8'' Caps
  • 1-Watt Miniature Lamp: 3/4'' Cap
  • 1 or 3 Watt, 2-3/4'' PVC, EMT Uni-Stem
  • Dual-LED Downlight
  • Bull Horn  - Spot or Wideangle
  • 1-Watt, 3/4''x4'' Copper Tube, Deep Recessed Deck or Dock Light
  • 1 Watt PVC Fence Down Lights, 1''x4'', Six Colors
  • Under The Hood
  • A Garden Delight
  • Custom Table-Top, Dual 1-Watt Downlight
  • 3 Watt White LED Effect
  • Patio Inviting
  • Light Source Components
  • The Amazing 50,000-Hour Life LED and its Driver
  • Reliable & Reusable
  • I Love Copper
  • LEDthisWay - Edgewater, FL

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If I don’t have the perfect lamp for you, I’ll create it.

From my [Edgewater, fl] shop I assemble 1,3 and 5 watt – 12-Volt outdoor fixtures using copper fittings. This heavy gauge copper withstands the corrosive sea elements and, in the event of a visual tune-up, course steel wool.

The cost of “hookup” is included in the price of the components. However, the services of a third party will be needed if wire needs buried.


If you are in the vicinity of New Smyrna Beach, I will gladly “stage” several lights for your assessment (try before you buy). It’s highly recommended to observe the light produced from a a 1-watt lamp, in conjunction with existing ambient light. Call me for an appointment.

-Joe Greene

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